With the elevation of Lord Vishnu from Yoganidra by Devotthan Ekadashi, the healing environment is announced for programs like marriage, mass feast.

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We did not see our festivals as mere celebrations of the season, nor did we allow them to belong to mythical gods like the West, but connected them to the revolutions which laid the foundation of the basic principles of Aryan civilization and culture, and Prakashotsav Deepawali is no exception. is.

Undoubtedly Deepawali, like other Hindu festivals, is related to Ritusandhi and Krishiakarma where a crop has already been harvested and the farmer is beginning to prepare for a new crop. The euphoria of the previous crop and the hope of a new crop have made this winter festival so long that it actually begins with Navratri ending on Devothan Ekadashi and the most important of this period is Deepotsav.

The expression method of excesses of Aryans happiness —-

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The festival was already there and then historical events kept adding to it and new colors added to this festival.

# Dhanteras: — In a global expedition campaign conducted around 6000 years ago, under the leadership of Dhanvantari, mystical fluid got #Amrit and during this campaign, the compilation of various medicines and their effects as Ayurveda which we have in our ethnic memory Arogyadivas Accumulated as a celebration.

#Narakachaturdashi: – Krishna’s cruel and inferior king of Assam, Bhaumasura, who was called Narakasura because of his cruelty, was slaughtered and heacquired those victims to bring social honor to 16000 freed women and their offspring.

Sajal Nayan Hindus gave this revolutionary great man the status of God and included this day in a series of festivals to commemorate his great social revolutionary move.

# Deepotsav: – This festival of Vedic Aryans is related to many historical events including Samudramanthan Abhiyan.

In the context of Samudramanthan, it was in the form of Prakatadivas of Mahalakshmi who was originally the goddess of #Yaksha culture and in reference to this event, the Vedic goddess was accepted in the embodied form with #Sri.

In addition, Lakshmi worship became widespread in the Aryans after the end of 12 years of famine as a result of Lakshmi worship by Ganaraja Agrasen of Agroha, a region of Yudhyas.

The unprecedented Deepmalika organized by the Ikshvakus of Ayodhya to welcome Rama after slaying Ravana, has become immortal in the memory of the Aryans as a festival and till date we have been and continue to welcome Rama every year.

Over the years, we also added gunpowder and fireworks to make our festival more joyful that Rama along with Lakshmipujan could express the joy of arrival and effectively.

# Govardhan Puja: – An 8-9 year old boy, holding the title of Vedic deity # Indra, symbol of rain and clouds, “Indra”, the emperor of the caste of gods, through political rituals and simple ritualistic sacrifices in place of simple Vedic nature worship. Naive spears voiced against the exploitation of #Abhiras and as #Goverdhanpooja, they not only turned back towards nature worship but also mutual respect between nature and human And laid the foundations # ecology as balance.

This extraordinary divine child, known as #Krishna, has worshiped and to this day has preserved this day in the name of Govardhan Puja as its vibrant history.

#Bhai_Dude: – If it is called a festival of Vedic period, then it will not be an exaggeration.

In spite of the establishment of the rules of patriarchy by Chadharyi and Varuna, incest relations were not regulated and it was regulated by Vaivaswat # Yama, son of Suryakul’s god Vivaswan and Vishwakarma daughter noun whose clear details are seen in “Yama-Yami Sukta” . And since then, this festival has become immortalized in folklore by symbolizing the affection between brother and sister.

With the elevation of Lord Vishnu from Yoganidra by Devotthan Ekadashi, the healing environment is announced for programs like marriage, mass feast.

Excited and energized by the energy derived from these festivals, the farming class is eagerly engaged in their agricultural work to celebrate the beginning of spring and summer through spring festival and Holi, about whom ever again.

In reality!

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