Those who are so innocent that they destroy their own very easily.

#History_Key_Retreatment: Germany to India

Germany had almost won the First World War. After the Treaty of #Bladivostak, the invasions of General #Leudendorf and General #Hindenberg inflicted allies. Vijay’s watch was near.

German soldiers slept as conquerors at night, but when they awakened, they found themselves defeated in the shackles of the Treaty of #Varsay.

They were shocked, they could not understand what happened.

The answer to this question was hidden in his fatherland and the large number of betrayed communist communists and Jews who had their own secret agenda which they repeated in their daily prayers. The victory of Germany was not fitting in their agenda, so a conspiracy was hatched.

The communists had called for a nationwide strike, and the blind German workers of communism accepted this anti-national call of the German Communist Party as confused with the propaganda of the communists and allies.

The Communist Party’s leadership and supporters were mostly Jewish, and the Jewish bourgeoisie was mysteriously supporting the Communists.

The German armies were frustrated by the lack of logistics and weapons, and the real task was completed by Caesar’s exodus.

And in this war, a soldier fighting in the mind has two things in his mind-

1– Extreme hatred towards communists, capitalists and Jews

2– Importance of propaganda

Communists and Jews went on to pay a huge price for this betrayal, and the soldier who paid this price was – #Adolf #Hitler.
There are some similar situations in India. The only difference is that instead of Jews, there are Muslims who have an open agenda #Gajwa #A #Hind and Communists and their advance hunting dogs are constantly conspiring in favor of urban intellectual Muslims.

Even if they abandon their intellectual propaganda sin of falsifying the history of remote Muslim invaders.

The betrayal of communists and Muslims in 1942,
– Call Netaji Subhash ‘Tojo’s Dog’ in 1943
-The support of these two to the Muslim League in the elections of 1945
– Partition of India in 1947
-Calling the Chinese army as ‘liberator army’ in 1962.
– Audacity on Ram temple

There is no count of their minor sins.

The pot of their sins is also filled.

It should not happen that someone sitting Hitler is counting their sins. If this happens, such a river of blood will flow in this country and humanity will see such a situation in front of which the camps of Auschwitz will also tremble with fear.

That is why you lowly communists, O traitorous Muslims, improve in time or else complete destruction has become your destiny.I know that the Asura war has been going on since the ancient times, every time the Asura has been conquered by its strength, every time there comes a time when the demonic powers are swept into the world table, then after that a blood bath takes nature which He leaves his indelible splash, Mother Kali, who is also Rann Chandi, is offered a garland of male Mundo, nothing else, do not make them valid. Ur demon lord demon does not distinguish human monster

Krishna is waiting for the hundredth mistake of Shishupala. Those who are so innocent that they destroy their own very easily.

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