the real face of the Kalnamis who are batting for the Congress by putting on the mask of nationalism, will come before you.


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India, an ancient nation whose political cultural boundaries once ranged from the Hindukush Mountains and the Vankshu River to the Sinhala Islands in remote Afghanistan. The wealth-rich, natural resources-rich region whose stories of prosperity were recorded abroad as a mythical symbol of the ‘gold bird’.

Along with immense prosperity, ideas of tolerance and freedom also flourished in this land. But unfortunately this tradition of ideological freedom has also spread in the political field and leaving a period of a few centuries of Mauryas and Guptas, this nation was the victim of political desolation, whose brunt of it was Parsik, Greek, Saka, Kushan, Hun, Muslim. Had to suffer in the form of attacks, but these attacks also had a positive aspect. These attacks would create a sense of national political unity among the people and then some great man would embody this feeling of political integration. Chanakya, Vikramaditya, Samudragupta, Nagabhatta and Mihirbhoj were such great men full of national spirit, even in spite of minimal resources, great men like Maharana Pratap and Shivaji kept this spirit of national integration alive even in extreme circumstances even though the leftist historians They have been despising this national sentiment as ‘Hindutva’.

A similar crisis came over the nationality of India at the end of 200 years of slavery of the British.

Afghanistan had already culturally crossed the borders of the nation of India due to the 800-year-long conflict with the Muslims, while Burma had been separated by the British in 1935.

Muslims and British did not stop only at this. While the Muslim masses were preparing to fragment India by demanding the entire northwest India and East Bengal as “Pakistan”, a large section of the British were trying to break India into 562 parts. Churchill was a full-fledged representation of the class who openly spoke of breaking into pieces before granting independence to India and had clearly articulated its intentions by refusing to keep India within the purview of the Atlantic Charter.

Despite Churchill not being in power and Liberal Atlee in power, Churchill’s anti-India lobby was powerful enough to contain people like Viceroy Wavell and his political secretary Kanrad Corfield to fulfill their ill-fated intentions of breaking India into 562 pieces’. The ethics of the treaty between the British Empire and the princely states were kept as their weapons.

At such a time, India once again needed a high courtier who would organize the Indian nationality politically and geographically to give it the form of a ‘nation state’ and destiny also did not disappoint Indian nationality to politicize such a great man. Launched on the stage, which achieved the goal of India’s political integration so easily with its unique diplomacy, for which great support The nights had to be excessive.

Even if this ‘iron man’ of India is called “Bismarck of India” by the West, he will have a proper title given the vastness and greatness of his achievements –

——— Kautilya of modern India ————

—— Sardar Vallabh Bhai Jhaverbhai Patel ——-

Who knew that on 31 October 1875 in Nadiad, Gujarat, an infant as the fourth child of Jhaverbhai Patel and Ladba Devi was born not only by a destiny that had once again repressed Indian nationality as a fully organized nation state for hundreds of years? have taken.

While growing up in the soil of India, Sardar’s feet also got buried deep in this ground, whose immense benefit was given to the Congress and its struggle during the national independence movement.

Initially, Indian independence and political leadership may have been particularly derogatory towards Gandhi due to the ghost of Britishism, but over time, his personality had inherent qualities and his extreme performance during the unification of India.

It is said that personality is a mirror of a person’s actions and thoughts and Sardar was no exception. Sardar was originally born for politics and despite all his qualities, his personality sparked the aura of a high-profile politician. At the same time, this image of him was established in the minds of those who first met him.

When Dominic LaPierre and Larry Collins, the authors of ‘Freedom at Midnight’, evaluated the chieftain from Mountbatten’s point of view, this was the form of his personality in his mind,

“…. a rock-like figure … on whom no captivity could work ….. a khadi dhoti wrapped like a cloak on his shoulders, a man with a shining gange skull and a twisted frown … The Roman senator seemed to be. ”

It is visible here that Roman senators have been considered symbols of politics in the West.

But unlike Roman senators and other politicians, his personal life was spotless and simplistic. After leaving advocacy, he did not have a private house to stay away from personal property. In Ahmedabad, he would stay at the house of Baba Saheb Manavalankar or Dr. Kanuga and in Delhi he stayed at the bungalow on Aurangzeb Road of Banwarilalji, a friend of Agraj Vitthalbhai. The sense of self-sufficiency was that he never lived up to enough clothes, and seeing that his daughter Maniben wept once upon seeing a torn kurta.

Sardar was far ahead of all the leaders of his era in mobilization and this was the reason that he took hold of the Congress organization only after some time after entering the Congress. Vallabhbhai Patel, who started with the Kheda Satyagraha in 1918, organized and operated the successful Satyagraha of Bardoli on his own in 1928 which made him the ‘Sardar’ of all of India, not just of Bardoli, and the word with his name as well as personality Became integral part.

Apart from this, Sardar had many divine qualities but his sense of political wretchedness and personal selfishness was not even touched by him. Loyalty, sacrifice and generosity were his personality. Not only did he gladly provide the money he had made for his own barristary education, but also took care of his family for three years.

Not only this, in 1929 and 1936, Gandhiji had withdrawn his candidacy for the post of Congress President, but in 1946, the first Prime Minister of India as the President was recommended and supported by 12 out of 15 provincial committees as his Guru Gandhi. Instinctively gave up on the ‘unjust partisanship’ wish and continued the great Hindu tradition that Maryadapurushottam Shriram once Area was established. However, this ‘Gurunishtha’ and ‘renunciation’ was going to be very heavy for the country, whose price is being paid by India till today as a threat to the Chinese dragons in Kashmir’s Noor and Tibet.

Foresight and flexibility are essential qualities in a high-altitude leader and Sardar had an amazing ability to assess the future based on the present, which he demonstrated many times.

Despite participating in the Khilafat Movement of 1921, he had foreseen the rise of secessionist communalism as a terrible result of appeasement as a result of Gandhi’s support in private and expressed it in a private conversation with Indulal Yagnik.

Similarly, due to the historical attitude of the Chinese and the events of the time, they instinctively tested the Chinese policy and future developments towards Tibet. From 1948-49, Prime Minister Nehru started trying to warn and in the famous historical letter dated 18/11/1950, he had predicted the Chinese invasion.

It was due to his vision that he was able to assess the new world scenario very accurately as a result of the events of World War II and its consequences.

He had clearly seen that even though Britain had won World War II, the balance of global power had now become bipolar. Soviet Union on one side and America on the other. Britain was no longer a junior ally of America. Both powers were eyeing Asia. China was being painted red and was followed by India’s number. Anarchy is the most prolific basis for communists to flourish, because of this fear, the British cooperated without disturbing the work of the Sardar.

Exploiting this fear of the British, on the one hand, they found the path of the formation of a modern Indian nation state from the confused political circle of India, while for the separatist communal antics of Muslim League supporters and the interests of the British-American bloc, between the Soviet Union and India Accepted Pakistan as a defensive wall under compulsion.

In fact, no matter how much LaPierre and Collins defended Mountbatten, it is a fact that the British saw an ‘immune wall’ against the Soviet Union in the ‘Islamic State’ of Pakistan and a lot of British politicians, bureaucrats and political thinkers A large section was in support of Pakistan or else the British intelligence system, which was digging out the reigns of the world, Jinnah’s deadly life insurance Unaware of Ri, this does not digress. This is also confirmed later by Wavell’s diary. Whatever Mountbatten may have claimed, this seems to be the only factor behind shifting the date of the British Raj’s end of India from June 1948 to 15 August 1947.

Later in the long war fought against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, the British proved correct in their assessment.

As far as Sardar Patel is concerned, he was unable to read this anti-Russia policy of the British which has been going on since the Anglo-Afghan War in the distant past, but it is not possible to agree but still the British want to build Pakistan and Jinnah With terrible insistence towards Pakistan, they understood that governments could not function smoothly due to such a large population of divisive mindset in the country. Yengi so many diplomatic moves blew Guests have also unwillingly due to its practical and realistic approach, he acknowledged divisions and pressure on the British to take maximum advantage.


The exciting story of the events of Sardar’s unification of India by the sequel.

#Note: Look at Sardar’s sharp opposition to Nehru regarding the Muslim problem and the Sangh etc. In this YouTube link and take a decision on your own so that the real face of the Kalnamis who are batting for the Congress by putting on the mask of nationalism, will come before you.

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