“My military friends, what you are seeing is the truth.

#Unsung #Heroes 13 (c)

#Hucka #bucka
(Beyond gatank)

The next day was unprecedented and historic.

Both brothers stood surrounded by their trusted bodyguards in front of the entire army, but today their dress was changed.
The beard was clean. Dhoti, Angarkha and South Indian turban in place of Turkish apparel. Vaishnavi tilak of sandalwood on the forehead.

The soldiers started whispering, which quickly turned into an uproar. At the Guru’s signal, Bukka raised his hand and all the noise became silent as if someone had turned a magic wand.

“My military friends, what you are seeing is the truth. I and my elders decided to renounce the forced Islam and return to their original religion and last night, the revered Gurudev has ritualistically given us a rediscovery of Hindutva.” Bukka paused for breath.

“I know that in such a situation, we have no moral right to lead an army whose allegiance is divided about separate religious and political objectives, so I place an election before you.”

“Apart from Hindu soldiers, if the converted soldiers want to return to Hindutva, they have the promise of Gurudev that they will not be despised in Hindu society and the remaining Muslim soldiers can go back to Delhi.”

There was a whisper again in the crowd of soldiers.

“No need to be compressed. Whoever wants to come back can go ahead and follow us.”

There was peace for a few moments, and then a southern Muslim youth stepped forward and stood behind Harihar and Bukka. Then as the dam broke and the railing of the converted Hindu soldiers started following the two brothers. Ultimately, in addition to the Turks and the North-East Muslim soldiers, some local Muslim soldiers remained on the other side.

“You are free to return to Delhi, but you will not be able to take any war material other than the sword and knives needed for the road.” Said Bukka in a harsh tone.

Muslim soldiers accepted this order in a changed situation.

Hindu soldiers started dancing in ecstasy.


In the camp, there was a secret consultation between Harihar, Bukka and Vidyaranya.

“But Gurudev, we have promised him his safe return.” Harihar countered in a narrow voice.

“Among these Muslim soldiers and generals were some of the local converts here who are familiar with the Pag Pag here. Do you want them to be the pioneers of the next Muslim armies?” The saint asked in a very cold voice.

“But why do they belong to us and why would they do this against their loved ones?” Bukka asked.

“You are forgetting that they were given an opportunity but they have tasted robbery and adultery in the name of protesting the Kafirs through #Jihad approved by the Quran and they want to run away from the Hindu system of self-control.” More dangerous than Muslims. ”

“They have to die. Death is the only way for their salvation.” Vidyacharya’s tone was a steady echo of destiny.

“But Ottoman soldiers ….? What to do with them ??” Bukka gathered courage and asked again.

“Why? When we have lost the attachment of our ex-brothers, then who are these people who seem to be ours and anyway they will only increase the strength of the upcoming invader Muslim army” Vidyaranya’s tone became sarcastic.

“Gurudev will do as you command.” The voices of both the brothers were now soundless.
There was a rain of arrows and spears in the dense forests of the south, and the forest echoed with screams and groans and a few hours later a collective pyre burnt in which thousands of dead Turks and half-converted Hindus were left out.

A few days later on the proposal of Vidyaranya, Maharaj Veer Ballal III decided to marry Harihar’s daughter to his nephew Balappa Dandanayak.

Now becoming a part of the royal family, Veer Ballal III recognized the authority of Harihar and Bukka over northern Karnataka. In this way the satisfaction and respect of his ego was protected.

Vidyaranya fetched the ancient throne of Kampili from a secret place and declared #Anegundi as the temporary capital on the northern bank of Tungabhadra and crowned Harihara as the Vedic custom on that ancient holy throne. Vidyaranya himself took over as Prime Minister.

The five brothers were managing the administration of different parts of the empire together-

1- Harihar – Central Administration
2- Bukka – Commander-in-Chief
3-Vibration – Nellore heroes
4-Mudappa – heroes of Mulbagal
5- Marappa-Chandragutty’s hero

Vidyaranya’s dream kingdom was taking shape but he was not at peace yet.

On the one hand, the Islamic sultanate established in 1335 in Madurai looked like a dagger that had entered his chest, on the other hand, a Muslim cantonment at Devagiri could be invaded at any time. In such a situation he played a stake.

He sent his younger brother Saina to Dwarasamudra and incited Veer Ballal to attack the Sultan of Madurai so that his image among the subjects would also be like that of the Sangam brothers.

Poor old old Veer Ballal swallowed the bait.

“If Veer Ballal wins, you will be safe from the south side.” Vidyaranya said smiling? ”

“Based on my military experience, I am certain that it is impossible for him to win, Gurudev.” Harihar said.

“So the entire Hoysala Empire is yours”, a crooked smile sported Vidyarnaya’s face.
Harihar’s apprehension turned out to be true. In 1343, Veer Ballal was not only defeated but also received Veergati on the battlefield. The conqueror Sultan Ghiyasuddin Muhammad Damghani displayed his dead body with straw in his kingdom in accordance with the barbaric Islamic tradition.

Harihar and Bukka took a quick decision and immediately sent their forces to southern Karnataka. The Sultan of Madurai could not take advantage of him even by winning the war, while the people of the Hoysala kingdom, fearing the invasion of the Sultan of Madurai, seemed to be the angels sent by the Sangam brothers.

After the death of Veer Ballal, his successor ‘Virupaksha Ballal’ also died ‘mysterious death’ in 1346 AD after a short reign of 3 years.

Due to Virupaksha’s death, an atmosphere of unrest and fragmentation prevailed in the empire and even internal intrigues started in the royal family.

Seeing the opportunity, Vidyaranya sent a proposal to the Empress #Krishnayatai to meet in the interest of the empire at Sringeri Mutt. The widow queen accepted.

On securing the Shankaracharya Bharati Teertha of Sringeri Math, Vidyaranya proposed full security of the royal family and their secure future with immense wealth and in return conditioned Harihara to be the heir of the empire. Scared of circumstances and uncertain future, the empress accepted.

“What will be the capital Gurudev? Dvarasamudra or Kumamata?” Harihar asked.

The “none of the two” teachings were perfectly clear.

“Why Gurudev?”

“Your power in Dvarasamudra and Kumamata will be unfamiliar with the map, urban mysteries and you will be there among the jealous heroes who will not be safe for your newborn power.” The voice of the Guru was serious.

“Where then, Gurudev?”

“Harihar do you remember that place, the ground where we saw a #shashk_co_swan_per_command_ doing a few years ago?”

“You are talking about the grounds of Hampi? Gurudev? There was a cantonment and some construction work done by the late Emperor Veer Ballal in the past 26 years ago. Now a small settlement has been settled there.”

“Yes, that was a sign of the future. Build a new city there. That city will become your capital.”

“Yes Gurudev, we’ll name him #Vidyanagar.” Bukka spoke in an excited voice.

“No.” Vidyaranya said in a harsh voice, “There will be no place in this kingdom for individual worship. Any
Even the emperor of the person will not be worshiped in this empire. The Emperor will not hesitate to remove the Emperor from the throne if it is unusable. ”

“This empire is a form of victory of the Hindus in their Satvik vengeance, hence the name of this new capital will be #Vijayanagar.” The saintly saint was waving in the saint’s eyes.

The five brothers were namastaks.
After 10 years – AD 1371.

“You have to complete the task of son Vibration, your eldest father and the late Emperor Harihar who cannot complete it.” While tilak triumphed over the forehead of the young man, the old but steadfast school blessed him.

“Returning victorious son, this is not just a military expedition but the unfinished dream of your late Taya Emperor Harihar and the remaining part of our Gurudakshina to Gurudev.” Maharaja Bukka said while hugging his eldest son.

Rajkumar Vibhan now turned to Rajmata, took her blessings and asked wife Gangadevi a silent farewell in the nines and turned back.

“Wait a moment.” Gangadevi stopped her husband softly.
Kumar shivered and turned back. The crown prince signaled the maid standing at the side, who carried the platter covered in a chromosome.

Vibration stood in front of his wife. Ganga removed the cloth on the plate. In front, a huge pillar was present in the plate in an exposed form.

“Think of it not as an ordinary pillar, but a pillar of the deity mother Durga. It will protect you in the battlefield.” Giving her husband a pillar, the Ganges spoke in a loud voice.

“How did you get it?” Vibration asked while tying the pillar to the forehead and tied it in the waist.

Like always, Ganga took silence with a mysterious smile. All were familiar with Ganga’s Durga Bhakti, Kavyapratibha and her mysterious nature.

Kumar Vibration departs along with Jayaghosh of the Army.
Kumar Vibration cleverly combined the local #Sambuvrao Dynasty of the Chola dynasty and then launched a terrible attack on Madurai.

In the hands of Kumar Vibration, the pillar of Maa Durga was wreaking havoc. The sinful mlechha was being wiped out from the holy land of Madurai commemorating the city of Mathura in North India. Mother Meenakshi was proud to see the valor of this son from her temple.

Sultan Sikandar Shah was completely defeated. There was complete victory of Kumar Vibration. The Srirangam temple was rebuilt as this sacred Vijay Smriti. But to keep control of the large number of local converted Muslims and the Sambuvrao dynasty, Sikandarshah was kept as a puppet and the complete merger of the Sultanate into the Vijayanagara Empire was postponed until 1378 AD.

And thus the organization of the Vijayanagara Empire was completed.

Vidyaranya’s dream came true. His promise to his Guru and himself was fulfilled. There was now a solid Hindu defense wall against the Muslim threat from the north, which was now aggressively organized as the #Bahmani #Sultanate.

Now Go and the temple were safe. The sound of Veda mantras resurfaced from temples and monasteries. The sacred fragrance of Yajnadhum again started invoking the gods in the atmosphere.

1372 AD

Vidyaranya returned to the Srangeri Math and told the Emperor that he decided to accept the post of Shankaracharya, who was vacant after the death of Bharati Teertha.

Emperor Bukka was emotional in the farewell meeting, but the Guru was as firm as ever. Vidyaranya finally arose, blessed the emperor, newly appointed Prime Minister Sain and all and handed over a bundle of palm leaves wrapped in ocher clothes.

“What’s in it Gurudev?” The emperor asked.

“Vijayanagar has a future in this. Rajan. I have researched the causes and diagnosis of the decline and defeat of the Hindu caste for years and have written the findings in this book.” Master stopped to breathe,

“As long as the emperor and the people of Vijayanagara continue to follow this code, the gods will not be able to stop their destruction when they forget it.” It was as if she was speaking profusely in his voice.

The emperor lifted the mantle and looked at the first page of the book where the title was shining– #atonement #sudhanidhi

The Guru finally turned to Sinhwar and blessed everyone by raising his hand and went on to complete his remaining duty and left behind only his footprints.


A– Key information from foreign travelers

1. Rehlatar Tuhfat-un-Nuzjat (Ibn Batuta): Description of the Vijayanagara Empire under Harihara I.

2. Abdur Razzaq: Matla us Sadeen wa Majma ul Bahrain

3. Description of Duarte Barbosa

4. Description of Domingo Pace

5. Description of Funanao Nunise

B– Literary Source: –

1. Manacharitam composed by Allasani Pedan

2. Gangadas Pratap Vilasam composed by Gangadhar

3.Gangaiya composed Kumar Ramcharit

4. Najduppa’s Ballal Rayan War

C– Inscription (Records): –

1. Bitragunta Grant of Sangma II: Explains the lineage of the five Sangama brothers.

2. Copper inscription of Bagapellici: achievements of Harihar I

3. Channa Raya of Harihara II tells about the successful campaigns of Bukka 1 in the Pateka inscription.

4. The copper inscription of Srirangam of Devaraya II describes the achievements of Bukka I

D– Modern Historian

1– Robert Seawell: – Forgotten Empire

2– K.A. Neelkanth Shastri: – History of South India

3– The Capacity of Completely


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