its creator was the five brothers who were called Sangam brothers in the name of their father.


#Haka- # bukka

Like that, they were five, five bodies and one soul like the Pandavas. But like Bhima and Arjun, two of them wrote a history with their blood. In retaliation for the tears and tortures that millions of Hindus, along with them in the plateau of the south and the Doab of Krishna-Tungabhadra, inflicted due to Muslim invaders from the north. He created an empire of Hindu revenge —

—————— Vijayanagar Empire ————–

And its creator was the five brothers who were called Sangam brothers in the name of their father.

1- # Harihar
2- # bukka
3- # Vibration
4- # Mudappa
5- # Marappa

Like other Indian greats, there are not many sources available about their life, lineage, origin. According to some observations, he belonged to the Yadav dynasty of Devagiri but most sources consider him to belong to the #Kurba caste of Dakshinbharat # Dhangar i.e. the cattle rancher community. His duty once again proved that Brahmanism or Kshatriyatva is determined not by birth but by karma.

There may be sharp regionalist and linguistic differences between the scholars of both the region about Telugu-speaking Andhra Pradesh and Kannada-speaking Karnataka about their place of origin, but there is no dispute that they were among the immortal sons of Mother India who took life by their pillars and blood. Served them.

Combining all the sources, it seems that the Sangam dynasty originally originated from the Kannada-speaking region of the Hoysala Empire and spread through the Telugu-speaking region of Andhra Pradesh to the whole of South India.

Their position in the Hoysala Empire was very strong, but destiny was weaving its plans.

Possibly due to the natural jealousy of other courtiers and relatives from their inimitable condition, they also declined so fast as they rose.

The Sangam brothers offered their services to King Prataparudra Dev III of Warangal and soon he also strengthened his position there. He was appointed as the custodian of the state treasury of Warangal, but destiny was as if he wanted to take it elsewhere and Warangal was only a stop.

Islam rebounded in South India as Tughlaq armies in 1320–23.

The Islamic forces were severely defeated.
Hindu armies prevailed but…

The lack of a vigilante intelligence system had become the eternal misfortune of the Hindu authorities and Prataparudra Dev also became a victim of that unfortunate stupidity. Without getting full information, Prataparudradeva started celebrating, the soldiers were given a holiday and the fort was not repaired with speed.

Only a few months later, Muhammad Tughlaq arrived with the new army from Delhi and advanced equipment to break the forts “Manjanik” and “Arrada” etc. and this time the fall of Warangal was certain.

– and Warangal collapsed.
Prataparudradev was taken captive and sent to Delhi, but on the way he committed suicide on the banks of the Narmada.

The Sangam brothers again became destitute.

They now arrived at the #Kumamata Durbar of Kampili Rai, the king of the rising Shakti Kampili, where every person was welcomed with valor, national pride and deep loyalty to Hindutva as the little kingdom of Kampili shone on the horizon of Hinduism. A perfect symbol of the ideals of – Yuvraj_kumar_ram, a model of valor, valor and character.

The Sangam brothers soon became confidants of Rai Kampili with their virtues, loyalty and diligence, and became the pillars of the state, where they were introduced to the great souls whose hearts were sacrificing the sacrifice of Hindu vengeance.

#Madhav_Vidyaranya and his followers #Sayanacharya _____

Brahmatej and Kshatratej had met. The discovery of this South Indian version of Chanakya in the Middle Ages was completed. He got Chandragupta as Kumar Ram but God decided to take the final exam.

Islamic forces invaded Kampili.

Yuvraj Kumar Ram died in an unfortunate death by being trapped by Tughlaq forces.

Kampili collapsed in 1326–27. The women of the royal family performed ‘Jauhar’ and Kampili Naresh Khande Rao followed the tradition of ‘Sakye’ and received Veergati. His head was sent to Delhi following barbaric Islamic tradition. Kumamata fort was burnt.

The Sangam brothers succeeded in removing their family from Kampili but Harihar and Bukka themselves fell into the hands of the Islamic forces. He was converted to Muslim by feeding forced beef and teaching Kalma.

There was darkness in front of Vidyaranya.

– Kumar Ram had attained Veeragati.
– Kampili had fallen completely and the capital Kumamata had become a heap of ashes.
– Kakatiya of Warangal had become history.
– The poisonous seed of Islam in Mabar was going to have its roots as Madurai Sultanate.

Madhav Vidyaranya wept.

Was their faith hollow?
Was the assurance of the sages just like this ??
Krishna’s promise to revisit Dharmaksharana was a lie ???

In unbearable agony, he closed his ears with his hands.

And then as if a miracle happened.

The Hindu people stood up as if they were inspired. The heroes of Warangal revolted and were leading this Hindu rebellion, ‘#Kapayanayak’, a hero from the state of Warangal.

Devagiri, which had now become a military center of Muslim power in the south under the name of Daulatabad, failed to suppress this freedom struggle of the Hindus. Even the transfer of capital by Muhammad Tughlaq to Daulatabad did not stop the anger of the Hindu masses and Hindu independence till Daulatabad. The fighters’ attacks began. Frustrated Tughlaq 1335 AD I then took the capital back to Delhi.

Encouraged, the Hoysala King Veer Ballal also revolted and started assisting the rebels.

But still Vidyaranya’s mind was apprehensive and disturbed and his sixth sense was giving him the right signal.

The Islamic power of Delhi could not so easily allow a chicken-laying hen as it had in South India. But any Muslim commander was ready to revolt instead of going south and then he remembered ‘his’ …

Of ‘Sangam brothers’.

No one could have been a better commander than the confluence of the South and the Sangam brothers fully aware of the political situation. In 1335 AD, a large army connecting the last Muslim with the converted Hindus. I was driven south from Delhi.

Seeing his former acquaintances Harihara and Bukka leading this army, Kapanayak and other Hindu freedom fighters became confused and confused.

Due to this dilemma and other circumstances, Kapya Nayak postponed his activities, taking advantage of this, the Sangam brothers took possession of a large area of ​​North Karnataka including Kumamata Durg of Kampili.

Madhav Vidyaranya yearned. He was seen to be destroying the austerity of his whole life and that too at the hands of those who had pledged to protect Hindutva.

The saints took their punishment and kamandalu in the furious charge and walked towards the Muslim camp.

The saint was stopped by the guards while walking furiously.

The angry sage called out to him in a roaring voice from there,

Harihara and Bukka are shocked at their camp. They could not recognize even by recognizing this voice.
He used to recognize this human voice, whose master he once called Gurudev, but the sound that was being made in that voice was unknown to him because there were many sounds mixed in it–

-This call was filled with painful sighs of thousands of Hindu women …
It was Kumar Ram’s war roar….
– It contained the call of Kshatriyas done thousands of years ago by the sages….
– It contained the clang of Rama’s Kodanda, and the echoes of Krishna’s Panchajanya …

The voice rang through the earrings of both of them to the spirits. In a magnetic effect as if forced, both came out.

Both brothers looked at their guru with bent eyes. The incessant trauma of these few years pushed the body of this rebellious teacher towards him with gaiety and old age, but if nothing had changed, it was the glory of his nines which was blazing like the fire of yagna at this time.

The Guru also saw his disciples. Molar, chopped thin mustache, head shaved according to the Turks’ fashion, handkerchief on the head and turban style. Seeing his separated disciples covered by Islamic veneer, Vidyaranya went from Achachacha.

But the monk looked into both of them and then some were convinced. The fire was not yet extinguished, only covered with ashes.

Both brothers took the Guru inside the camp with shame.

Upon reaching inside, the students were still distressed that both brothers broke down and fell at their feet and wept bitterly. The tears of the silent master, turning their hands on both the ends, also kept the forehead of both of them virtuous.

When the heart’s impulse lightened, the Guru asked him to sit on the rugs, but both of them refused and requested him to sit at his feet.

The Guru first listened to their experiences and then took a long breath and asked both of them about their future plans.
Both of them gave their entire life and strength to the Guru.

The Guru ordered the establishment of a powerful Hindu empire.

Both bowed their heads and obeyed the Guru’s command, but looking at the face of their dilemma, they asked for the reason and then they gave word to their dilemma –

“Gurudev, we have been profane by accepting Islam, beef has been placed in our mouths, now who will accept us as Hindus?”

The eyes of both the brothers were deceived again.

“If you are not a Hindu, there is no Hindu, no Arya in the whole of India.” Vidyaranya thundered, “Hindutva is not so weak that a piece of beef is destroyed by being forced into the mouth.”

“Both of you have to do the ritual of Pranit Chandrayan fast in the ‘Deval Samhita’ for this miniature Patak period and then you will be as much Hindu as a Hindu.”

“But will the society accept our atonement? Will we consider us as Hindu as before?” The younger brother questioned.

“Hindutva is not just a creed, not a group of individuals. It is a continuously re-cultured best practice based on the ideals of Aryatva. If this society does not accept your sacred conduct, then this society is not fit for Hindutva and its destruction is its destiny. . ” Vidyaranya’s voice seemed to be coming from some other world.

“Both of you are welcome to the holy stream of Hindutva, Harihara and Bukka.” The saints smiled as they were by nature.
The tears of both brothers flowed from the eyes and the hands joined automatically on which they rested their heads.

Vidyaranya took the linked hands of the two brothers in his palms and, if the impulse did not calm down, he attached them to his chest.


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