it was the glory of his nines which was blazing like the fire of yagna at this time.

This time there is also a narrative presentation of an excerpt in Unsung Heroes. I am presenting a part of it. Please let us know your opinion.

This will be the last episode of Unsung Heroes before leaving Facebook.
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The saint was stopped by the guards while walking furiously. The angry sage called out to him in a roaring voice from there,

Both were shocked in their camp.

They could not recognize even by recognizing this voice.

He used to recognize this human voice, whose master he sometimes called as ‘Gurudev’, but what was happening in that voice was unknown to him because there were many sounds mixed in it–

-This call was filled with painful sighs of thousands of Hindu women …

– It contained the call of Kshatriyas done thousands of years ago by the sages….

-There was a clash of Ram’s sentence.

– There was a resonance of Krishna’s Panchajanya …

The voice rang through the earrings of both of them to the spirits. In a magnetic effect as if forced, both came out.

Both brothers looked at their guru with bent eyes. The incessant trauma of these few years pushed the body of this rebellious teacher towards him with gaiety and old age, but if nothing had changed, it was the glory of his nines which was blazing like the fire of yagna at this time.

The Guru also saw his disciples. Molar, chopped thin mustache, head shaved according to the Turks’ fashion, handkerchief on the head and turban style. Seeing his separated disciples covered by Islamic clothes, he went with some surprise.

(Full presentation after some time)

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