It is for us all to understand that all the time we are born to make history according to our own

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I often talk about the history and stupidity among Hindus, which many people consider very bad, but this is the truth and the truth is bitter.
Since 2014, as far as I can remember, a Pakistani or a resident of Lahore had written a post by his Muslim, which is like this:

# Shahabuddin Ghori entered Delhi after the Second War of Tarayan and threw Sanyogita for rape among Muslim soldiers.

# Chishti of Ajmer converted 80 lakh Hindus.

From our thirty kilos of Sinkia to the 120 kg of Thulathul Internat, the warriors of the Hindu warriors started tearing up and they started to viral it as an insult to Hindutva and the Muslim class succeeded in their strategy of instilling a defeat in the Hindus.

What will be the anger of Hindus, yes, they have been giving spice to make the world laugh at themselves and there are three reasons for this.

1 – Ignorance is not a crime, but in spite of lack of knowledge, not being able to accept it only because of your ego is a hypocritical tendency.
2– The genetic property of mutual jealousy.
3– To see history from a racist perspective.

For these three reasons, there has been a lack of history-based knowledge among the Hindus, for example, the above post, which Hindus carried to every mobile, fulfilled the Muslim agenda of humiliating Hindus and destroying their pride.

While the real facts contrary to that post are-

# Sanyogita gave up his life after hearing the news of Prithviraj’s defeat and according to some sources he had committed poisoning, while Prithviraj’s sister and Chittaudernaresh Rawal Samarsingh’s wife Pritha, including all other wives of other souls, had become ‘Sati’. Hariray Chauhan had gone to Ajmer fort with everyone’s families.

# Chishti of Ajmer had betrayed his patron Chauhan Raja who had given him shelter as a saint, but the conversion of 80 lakhs is completely false because at that time the entire Rajasthan population was barely around 80 lakhs. Will be. Their basic purpose of this narrative is to establish that Islam in India was spread peacefully not by swords but by Sufis like Chishti.

Due to the foolish Hindus, the Muslims succeeded in both of their objectives and will continue to do so because instead of studying these Hindutva warrior warriors, instead of studying the abuses of the mother sister and then writing “Jai Mahakal”, “Jai Maa Kali”, the warrior of Hindutva himself Let’s take an easy shortcut to show.

The truth is that the enemy of Hindutva is even more humble than the Muslims, it is an illiterate Hindu.

And yes, the same post made by Muslims is still being shared overwhelmingly.

One is used in a training in education .. In the experiment, fifty persons are seated in a circle and a sentence is uttered in the ears of a person like
“Maryada Purushottam Ram was the king of Ayodhya”
The said sentence is transmitted by each person to the ear of the person nearest to him, but surprisingly, the sentence received or transmitted by the last person does not match with the sentence given by the operator, even the meaning falls on the meaningless.

All this disaster happens in just ten minutes ..
It is a natural process in which a person’s ability to hear, the use of coining the same words from his imagination in the absence of hearing .. There are many factors like the tendency to spoil the game ..

Devendra ji does not disagree with your post, but calling such discrepancy as foolish is not justified.

It is for us all to understand that all the time we are born to make history according to our own, in which neither important history nor non-believer is there … Important is the person who can establish his credibility in people and put his point in his mind gives. A respected and reliable historian like you in today’s era.


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