Instead, the image of Sardar with a firm smile wrapped in a shawl would have been more appropriate.

In Ayodhya, the proposed # statue of #Riram should not be the mistake that Modiji made in the ‘Statue of Unity’. In the Statue of Unity, Sardar’s statue may be high, but instead of Sardar Patel’s strong personality, the image of a tired old man emerges more. Instead, the image of Sardar with a firm smile wrapped in a shawl would have been more appropriate.

Several models have been ordered by Yogiji for the proposed idol of Shri Ram, in which this idol perfectly reflects the majestic and divine personality of Shri Ram.

The style of standing is completely majestic and the face has a seductive smile. The eyes appear to be extremely attractive and divine due to the irregularly blazed.

Yes, the height of the bow should be above the head and the circle behind the crown should also have sharp stones as in the statue of Chhatra.

An umbrella without a throne seems irrational. Apart from this, birds will not normally fly at such a height and will not make a nest due to sunlight, but if the parasol is made, then due to its shade, the birds will have a permanent nest in the courtyard, so the idol should not be installed.

The idol of Jata Jari Dhari Rama also looks dramatic and not as expedient as the king of Ayodhya, yes it would seem very logical in Rameshwar.

So, hopefully, Yogiji will definitely consider these things.


How sad the Sangh chief is saying with a heavy heart… O Sangh Sevaks in the past, at present the King of the country begs you that there is no #Ramandir in the priority of the law, you bring the temple to Parliament. Pave the way for construction

It is also sad that our king is saying that the Congress party with 44 MPs does not want to let the temple be built. Appeals to postpone hearing.

Listen to Bhagwat ji at the moment, he has forced it 🙂

#Jai Shree Ram

Thank you yogi

You gave Uddhav Thackeray and Shiv Sainiks an unprecedented opportunity to visit Ramlala freely in Ayodhya without any prejudice and without any prejudice and arrange for his safe return even though he was not entitled to it from his writings.
Because in UP, people of Bihar and Jains were treated in a disgusting manner by the people of Maharashtra, but since they had come to see Lord Rama, you took the responsibility of protecting them in a senseless journey to Ayodhya.

Jayshree Ram 4true words .
The idol which does not have the glimpses of the personality and vibrancy of the person is incomplete.
By the way, it is also logical that in any way look at the great man, he is always happy.
But even in this virtual world, if a huge idol is made with a sincere mind and for the maintenance of duty, then the idol of a particular person should be completely enchanted and captivating.I have my own point of view to say something, but according to me in the present situation of Unity, Patel is showing a strong statement. no tired

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