Gaurang Agraj’s child’s brain has also understood this desire hidden in the eyes of his little brother and now how can he not fulfill it?


In my childhood, I did not get a chance to read Surdas but got the opportunity to read an innovative Surdas through the magazine ‘Kalyan’ which made Gokul Vrindavan come true in the prose world through the small peeks of Krishna’s childhood.

These were Abhinav Surdas

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This series is a presentation of his own works. My love for Krishna and the quiet heart of Krishna is no other purpose than to calm down this sweet section of Krishna’s life and spread these sweet works of his great devotee. .
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“Get up! Floor!”

Digambar Swarnagore The little dau is standing there holding the arms of his younger brother. Can’t understand why his little brother cannot play with him?

He repeatedly touches the younger brother’s hand with his hand and asks him to walk up and play in his parrot dialect.

A misguided baby-like kajal point between the little toes curled in the stool, the Nupur at the feet, Nupur at the feet, the thin kinkas in the hands, the garland of small beacons on the thorax, the Anjan in the eyes and the curly hairs on the bhal.

Dau stands up from his face. With one hand, he holds the cradle and the vision lies on his younger brother.

Extremely smooth, light froth like milk froth has a beautiful eye. On the body with its small feet
It has removed the lamb and the yellow scale. Repeatedly the stage is bouncing and both are raising their hands. He is opening his small toothless face repeatedly and is looking at the Kajjal point on Dao’s spear with a steady view.

Now he wants to hold that little point with both hands.

Gaurang Agraj’s child’s brain has also understood this desire hidden in the eyes of his little brother and now how can he not fulfill it?

He is bent, with his face facing the younger brother’s face. They touch his hands, sometimes eyes, sometimes spears, sometimes nostrils, and sometimes thin fingers are tangled in the hairs.

Kill is now Anuj.

The candle point of the forehead of Dao has come so close to it. For this, this point is also worth taking
It is the object, but where do its hands work right now. Where can his little fingers lift anything.

From now on, it is playful. The elder brother’s sliver has come to fist, and now it is pulling him and Mudit Daw is bending his head.

‘Why, re !, you pull the grandfather’s hair?’ Maiya laughingly freed Dao’s arms by opening his red fist.


Whether it’s a hairstyle or a nose, it’s very dear. Daw wants to play with it. Don’t go anywhere
Where did he become without that and without his elder brother
It is gone. If Dao moves away from the corner, he will start crying now.

“It just won’t work.” You play with it right here. ” Maia is laughing.

Suddenly, Dau is trying to climb on it with both hands.

Oh, is that so! Dau has understood the point. If it does not work, now Dao will sit near it.

Maiya is laughing and laughing.

“I take off? Don’t cry.”, Dau has come to assist his younger brother. Stretch out your little hands
Wants to adopt

Kanhai is still crawling on his knees. Today, for the first time it tried to cross the door frame. Somehow climbed the sill on the arm and stomach, but did not land. Sitting on the frame is in great confusion. Sometimes he bends his hands, sometimes he hangs his legs. This frame is very high for this.

When a bus did not move, it started bawling. He also looks in and out of the house – why does no one come to help him?

Eventually, his elder brother has arrived, but Dau wants to adopt Mohan by standing towards the house. Shyam has to go out of the door today. Instead of extending his hand to the elder brother, he repeatedly bends out and looks at Dau. Where does it come to say that you can say, “Take me out.”

“Will you come out?” Dau finally understood. He himself came out of the door and now on extending his hand, Shyam raised both arms to go in the lap.

What has happened if there is a dow force, now it is a Digambar Shishu. Where is his body so big that his small
He could lift his brother completely. Now he has filled Shyamsunder with his arms by the shoulder and is taking it off with the help of his abdomen. Krishnachandra is hanging on to hold the elder brother with both hands.

After getting down from the frame, Mohan saw that moment for two moments, “Oh, how high is the sill too.”

Looking at the elder brother, he laughed and then it moved. He wants to run as far away from the door as possible, as far as possible. Dau is walking behind his Anuj.

Little Kanu turns back and looks again and again – “How far has he come from the door today.”

Mind is becoming very happy.


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