After all what happened in Amritsar in 1984?


Copy instead of sharing and make people aware of the efforts by anti-national elements in Canada to revive terrorism in Punjab with the cooperation of Pakistan and China.

Kosovo’s rejection by India: Punjab and Kashmir

The World Championship of Boxing is going on in Delhi and at the tender age Mary Kom has won the gold medal, congratulations on her.

A huge global politics has been done under the guise of this world competition, which many do not know. In particular, they have no knowledge at all, who are emotionally scanty and the widows continue to grieve, seeing Modi ji’s lack of aggression in their behavior.

Now come to the main point, what has happened is that the Government of India has not granted a visa to a boxer from Kosovo to participate in this competition. The Modi government was under pressure from all over the world, but the Indian government did not come under their pressure and refused to give the same. The Government of India was even told that if the Kosovo player was not granted a visa, then India would not be allowed to organize any major sports competition (eg Olympics, World Championships, Asian Games). Despite this threat, the Modi government refused to listen to the world’s big countries and sent a message that even if India does not get a chance to do such events in future, India will not recognize Kosovo.

After all, what is the reason that the Government of India did not give visa to the player of Kosovo?

To understand this, we have to go on the date of the disintegration of Yogoslavia, but in less words, understand that Kosovo is a part of Serbia, the nation that emerged after the disintegration of Yogoslavia. Serbia is a Christian nation but Kosovo has 97% Muslims. Now in the area where such a large number of Muslims live, it is meaningless to expect them to be able to live in harmony with the rest of the population, then they started independence and in 2008 Kosovo declared itself an independent nation. .

Now because Serbia is a friend of Russia, the US recognized it with its ally Rashtro. Kosovo, along with all Islamic nations, was recognized by some of the European nations in a hurry.

This happened to the nation giving recognition but more important than that
Which nations have not given recognition. India has not given and at the same time BRICS (BRICS) nations have not given, which includes nations like China Russia.

Now when the World Championship took place in Delhi, Kosovo said that our boxers will also fight but the Modi government said who are you? India does not know Kosovo. If you want to come to play then come from Serbia, we recognize that.

After all, why does India not recognize Kosovo? Why does it not give recognition? The reason for this is very simple, today the demand of Kosovo is the same demand of the Muslims of Kashmir! In the same way yesterday, Kashmiris also raise the voice that if we are independent, then China Pakistan will recognize Hekashmir as a separate new nation in a minute and there will be no delay in getting recognition from the Islamic nation.

After all what happened in Amritsar in 1984?

On June 2, the then Prime Minister Indra Gandhi received a secret message that the Government of India is sleeping here and there is going to be an announcement of Khalistan, which Pakistan, Afghanistan and some other Islamic nations are going to recognize. As soon as this message was received, Indra Gandhi’s sleep broke and she hurriedly sent the army in three days and evacuated the Akal Takht. The operation was Bluestar and curfew was imposed across Punjab. It was only after this stern action that Punjab took over. (Read General KS Brar’s book to know more about you).

On one hand, Khalistan, sitting in Canada, is demanding a referendum in 2020 and on the other hand the same demand arises again from the valley of Kashmir. Now tomorrow, a region can declare itself as independent on its behalf and give it 3/4 nation recognition.

Now how can India recognize Kosovo in such a situation? Therefore, despite all the diplomatic pressure, India has not accepted the existence of Kosovo. India was also asked to draw a middle way, but India refused to hold any talks on the subject.

India was also asked to follow China, such as China, considers Jammu and Kashmir a dispensed territory and gave a stapled visa to an Indian citizen of Kashmir. India also rejected this option and Modi ji made it clear to the international community that India does not consider Serbia-Kosovo as a dispensed territory. If you want to come to India to play, then do not come under the flag of Serbia, otherwise we do not recognize you.

Now look inside your India, you will hear new voices, new slogans. The slogan of Khalistan, which has been decimated for decades, has started coming up again and this time it is sounding with the rhythm of Kashmiri separatists. Like the Valley of Kashmir, some political people of India are giving air to the Khalistan movement. Right now, Khalistanis are getting arms and logistic in Punjab from the separatists of Kashmir valley and this was a big reason for which President’s rule has been imposed in Jammu and Kashmir.

The central government of India had received this news that the formation of a government in Jammu and Kashmir with the PDP and the Congress of the National Conference would worsen the situation in Punjab along with the Valley of Kashmir. The Government of India had received such information, after the formation of the government, the PDP and the National Conference can pass any such resolution in the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, which may cause the status quo of Jammu and Kashmir to be disputed internationally or by Pakistan. With the unauthorized Kashmiri share, the proposal to become independent on the lines of Kosovo is unlikely.

That is why despite all the pressure on India, the Modi government did not bother with its policy and gave a clear message to the international community that we do not know Kosovo and also conveyed the elements of Khalistani and Kashmiri separatism. We do not believe you either.


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